PD1HBL Radio Amateur Station
                                        | QTH: De Lier, The Netherlands  JO21CX 5158.85N 00414.95E | 10/20/40m DX FT4/FT8 | 20m:  14.105MHz LSB Packet/VarAC |

PD1HBL-8 (Internet)

PD1HBL-8 aims to be a central ax/ip/udp node for the Netherlands. The node routes are maintained manually based on quality parameters and geographic location with the aim of avoiding ghost routes and nodes as much as possible. PD1HBL-8 can be connected by a netrom node through the internet by connecting to: UDP 93 B

Netrom/Node (BPQ32)

BPQ allows a computer to act as a Node in a NET/ROM compatible AX25 network, and to support a multiuser Mailbox. The switch section allows up to 32 ports, supporting a number of radio protocols.  The application supports up to 64 connections. The software includes an APRS digipeater and an interface to APRS/IS.

PD1HBL-8/PD1HBL-9 nodes are online 24/7. To keep the nodelist as clean as possible the nodes are restarted a few times a week. Manual node mappings are used in the bpq32.cfg file to keep the nodes in some kind of local route from my one point of view.

PD1HBL-8 (Services)

  • PD1HBL-8 - Node Internet gateway
  • PD1HBL-2 - PBBS (Sally)
  • PD1HBL-3 - BPQ MailBox
  • PD1HBL-4 - BPQ ChatBox

PD1HBL-9 (Services)

  • PD1HBL-5 - Jnos2 Host
  • PD1HBL-6 - Jnos2 MailBox
  • PD1HBL-7 - Jnos2 Node

PD1HBL-8 (Internet Node)


PD1HBL-8 uses the BPQ32 software running on a windows 2016 server hosted by strato. PD1HBL-8 is a AXIP gateway that is used to make connections through the different packet software services and the internet . PD1HBL-8 is host of a packet radio BBS and main mail forward system for internal en external clients.

Netrom/Node Terminal

From the node PD1HBL-8/PD1HBL-9 it is possible to make a connection to the other systems in the network by using the following commands

INT   >> PD1HBL-8 and PD1HBL-9 swith between the nodes 
VAX   >> HB1VAX OpenVMS BBS system
PMS   >> PD1HBL-2 Mailbox system
BBS   >> PD1HBL-3 BPQ mailbox
CHAT >> PD1HBL-4 chat network
JNOS >> PD1HBL-6 Jnos BBS system

PD1HBL-9 (HF-Node)


PD1HBL-9 uses the LinBPQ software running on a Raspberry PI 3+ with Rasbian v4.1.6-v7 as operating system. To make connection to the transcievers TX and RX signals and decode the packets Direwolf is used. PD1HBL-9 and the APRS I-gate are online on 14.105MHz LSB, 144.800/144.925MHz and 430.9125/432.500MHz

Netrom/Node Route Mapping

PD1HBL-8/PD1HBL-9 is setup as a internet gateway to let all other packet radio systems connect to the internet through AXIP.
Main backbone connection is between PD1HBL-8 and PD1HBL-9. The netrom quality parameters of the AXIP port are set to:  

  • MINQUAL=100
  • QUALITY= 254

To keep the netrom node list clean from old en dead nodes the nodelist is not saved.


If you are running a netrom node, please don't save your nodelist and restart your node software at a regular basis. Also don't use INP3 mode, please disable this option in your mapping.

Netrom/Node Network Nodemap

A BPQ web page is maintained showing the BPQ nodes here.
If you want your information to be shown on this map, and you have an Internet link, add the line LOCATOR=XXnnXX to the top of your bpq32.cfg file. (Where XXnnXX is your maidenhead location (aka grid square).

 Locked Routes

Normally routes to other nodes are learned from NODES broadcasts,  but routes can be locked if you want to use other than the normal port quality change some of the L2 parameters, or enable INP3 Mode. If you set IGNOREUNLOCKEDROUTES=1 to a PORT config only routes in this list added to your table. Format is:
CALLSIGN,QUALITY,PORT[,MAXFRAME,FRACK,PACLEN,INP3Flag] MAXFRAME, FRACK. PACLEN if stated override port defaults.  INP3Flag = 1 enables INP3, 0 or null disables. If using INP3 you should normally disable normal quality based routing by setting QUALITY to 1 - eg HISCAL-12,1,1,0,0,0,1
If not using INP3 (recomended) the quality of the routing can be set for your neighbours so you are in contole:
Normally the node will try to keep links open to all its neighbours.
This can be disabled by setting INP3Flag to 2. Note that locking a route with QUALITY=0 will prevent the station connecting to you.