PD1HBL Radio Amateur Station
                                        | QTH: Ouwerkerk, The Netherlands  JO11XO 51.37.48N 003.59.01E | 10m: 28.074 MHz USB FT8 | 11m: 27.235 MHz FM PacketRadio |

Welcome to PD1HBL

Hello all, i'm Henk and i am living in a small village in the south west of the Netherlands. I got my Radio Amateur Licence on November 2 2022. I am still a newbie as a radio amateur but working on the 11m citizen band for over 30 years mostly with packet radio and other digital modes. My interests in the hobby are the digital modes such as Packteradio, FT8 and APRS.
In relation to the radio amateur hobby i have a collection of old Digital-DEC VMS systems that i also use in combination with amateur radio.  So i am still new, learning new thinks every day and enjoying this wonderfull world of amateur radio. 

I use a Yaesu 991A with a 10m/11m vertical antenna to start on the amateur bands, I am mainly active on the 10m/20m with FT8 which already opens up a whole new world for me. I am now busy making an antenna setup for the 40m to become active there with FT8.